Our token name is: EchoLink, Symbol is: EKO.

We are an Open Team

EchoLink Foundation is an open team. We welcome developers of different skill levels to participate in our project. We also welcome non-developers with business development and marketing experiences to help promote the adoption of our leading edge solutions. Please feel free to contact us at: [email protected]


Steve Chen

EchoLink Founder

Co-Lead/Co-founder, Berkeley Blockchain Lab, UC Berkeley, Sun Microsystem Consumer Java Team Tech Lead,Software Developer, Founding member of Cheetah Mobile US Engineering Team. College of Engineering Dean's Council, Silicon Valley, Carnegie Mellon University.

Matthias von Eichstaedt, PhD

PhD,Computer Science,University of Hagen, Germany. Senior Software Architect

Zhixian Yan, PhD

PhD, Computer Science, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Switzerland. Senior Scientist, Software Architect

Roy Wei

MS, Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University, Full Stack Senior Software Engineer

Dustin Byington

Strategic Advisor, EchoLink. President, Wanchain. Co-founder, Tendermint. Founder, SatoshiTalent.

Jialing Liu (bitcrab)

Strategic Advisor, EchoLink. Investor in early stage blockchain programs, BitsClub co-founder, BitShares and Ethereum program senior participant, BitShares committee member.

Anthony St.George

Strategic Advisor, EchoLink. Assistant Dean of International and Corporate Partnerships of College of Engineering at University of California, Berkeley.


We would like to acknowledge and express our gratitude to several industry veterans for advising our project.

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