Our token name is: EchoLink, Symbol is: EKO.

What is EchoLink?

EchoLink is an open, decentralized, blockchain based application that provides verified education, skill, and work experience information. Echo is a generalized document notary service. In addition to education and work related information, Echo intends to provide verified information for additional industries, such as banking and finance, in the future.

What are the advantages of Echo compared to existing recruiting and professional networking applications?

Current applications do not provide users verified information regarding education, skill certification, and work history. Users have to spend time and resources to conduct background checks. Based on blockchain technology, Echo provides immutable information with time stamps entered by authoritative institutions. Echo saves users valuable time and financial resources spent on background checks and other verification processes.

How does EchoLink assure the authoritativeness of its information?

Unlike other recruiting application, EchoLink assures the accuracy of its information at its source. Information is entered into Echo by university, training organizations, and reputable companies directly, not touched by third parties. Once entered into Echo, individuals can not change their degree information, work experience, or skill level certification randomly.

Besides education and work related information, does EchoLink provide other certification?

EchoLink is built on blockchain technology with a general purpose. Echo tackles the education and recruiting sector as its initial use case. The Echo system can be used for a variety of application and industries, such as notary service, finance, banking, and insurance, etc.

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