EchoLink Core Service and Site 2.0 Public Test.

EchoLink Core Service

Test Instructions
1. Use Chrome browser and install MetaMask
2. Log into MetaMask, connect to Rinkeby network, and create test Rinkeby account
3. Request free Rinkeby Ether from Rinkeby Faucet and Request TestEKO token using this Request Form. The team will process the request form and send TestEKO tokens to your test Rinkeby account
4. After receiving the TestEKO tokens and connect to Rinkeby network through MetaMask, you may start testing EchoLink Core Service
5. Visit EchoLink Site 2.0, and click on the links to test the service on Rinkeby network
6. Provide feedback to the team. Your input is very valuable! Please fill out the Feedback Form. Thank you!


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