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EchoLink is a blockchain based system that provides verified education, skill, and work experience information. Taking advantage of blockchain technology's immutability and time stamp functionality, EchoLink provides users with trusted information regarding a job candidate's education, skill, and work experience. EchoLink provides savings to recruiters in time and financial resources. The EchoLink system can be also be used for additional industries, such as banking, finance, general notary service.

Time Stamped

Degree, skill level, and work experience are stored in EchoLink with a time stamp. Information may be modified as situations change. Each version is also time stamped, thus establishing a chain of evidence.


Information is entered into EchoLink by educational, training, and other institutions directly, thus ensure such information is not tampered by third parties.


EchoLink provides a world-wide standardized system to store and verify education, skill, and work experience through blockchain technology. EchoLink supports a variety of blockchain technology and storage layers.


Built on top of blockchain technology, information contained in EchoLonk is directly injected by authoritative institutions. This ensures the authenticity of such information.


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