EchoLink Files Patent Application on Social Network Data Integration and Blockchain Applications

Social networks and blockchain application are not integrated. For blockchain applications, such as EchoLink, integration between social professional network and blockchain is necessary. In order to address this issue, EchoLink developed innovation solution to bridge social verification on professional networks and blockchain application.

EchoLink’s unique solution allows users and businesses to input, verify, and link social profile with blockchain accounts. This can be done on scale with automated tools or individually by the users or institutions. Patent application has been filed for this project. First embodiment of the project has been released on Github:

Verify Your Degree on Blockchain

We invite users to verify your degree on EchoLink and post a Badge of Honor on your social network. This will be an ongoing bounty program. Users who successfully verify academic or professional credentials on EchoLink and post on their social networks will be provided EKO token credits. Users that successfully facilitate partnership between EchoLink and academic institutions or businesses will also be provided with EKO token credits. Details will be released in the coming week ….

– EchoLink Team

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